2020 Hemp Projects: Inside

If you build it – the hemp plants will come

If you build it – the hemp plants will come

Hemp License Equals Barn Renovations

In August of 2019 when we applied for our NY Hemp Growers License we had no idea what we were getting into. After all, it’s a new industry, a new plant to us, and we were going to grow inside.

Everyone we talked to thought creating an indoor growing area in the barn was smart. It allowed us to start growing immediately while learning about the cannabis hemp plant on a small scale before growing outside.
Let the barn renovations begin.

Join us in the barn renovation tour

Step 1: Start renovating part of the barn.
We opted to start with a 420 square foot area of the barn which was a tool room, old AI (artificial insemination) lab, and an entry area through the barn. The area had a concrete floor, heat, and lots of stuff in it that needed to be removed.

Room with counters and drawers
Room with counters and drawers. Old AI lab
room with a mess of tools
room with a mess of tools
hall with barn tools

Step 2: Removing everything from the entire area.
We ended up removing the hot water heater as well. The new rooms would be heated from the outdoor wood stove.

300 square feet of an empty barn area
empty barn hall way
Empty lab in barn

Step 3: Scream! As we started to remove walls we discovered the concrete wasn’t level, and the tool room was an addition to the barn. This meant lots of holes for critters to get into, half gone insulation, and lots of cleaning.

We did what any insane person would do. We gutted walls, removed, removed wall sections to open up the grow area and added a new door opening. Then we insulated, added wallboards, sealed the rooms, and added a new door.

Room with only studs
Removing wall boards
wall with new wall board and a new door area

Step 4: Panic – Time was running out! It was now the beginning of November, we had our official papers to start growing, and our first clones were on their way.

Step 5: Finish the propagation area and pick up the clones, which were already overdue for picking up. Yes, this means the hemp plants were bigger than we had anticipated. And the grow room still wasn’t done.

small room with a water line, shelves, and lights
Small cannabis clones
Lights set up over cannabis clones

Step 6: Work like hell to finish the veg/flower room. We had no idea the plants would grow as quickly as they did.

We originally thought we’d have a few weeks to finish the L shaped veg/flower room. We were wrong. We finished the area in about 7 days. Now it was time to transplant from the small pots into our 7-gallon soft-sided pots.

16 hemp clones transplanted into 7 gallon pots
11 hemp plants
Close up of 2 hemp plant tops

Step 7: Breathe
It’s now the end of November. We have 16 healthy hemp CBD plants growing and we can’t believe it. We started this journey in the middle of July and now the plants are here and growing inside the barn.

The barn renovations are complete for now. As we learn about the plant and its needs I am sure much will change.

This winter we will complete two indoor cannabis CBD hemp grows on a small scale. Come Spring we are planning on planting about 400 to 500 plants outdoors.

Check out our outdoor grow

Or at least the beginning of it.

Happy Hemp!

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